OR Parga

We invite you to discover Parga, through the warm hospitality and breathtaking landscapes. With modern infrastructure and intact delivery, It is built amphitheatrically on the coast of the Ionian Sea, more like an island than mainland location. The Venetian Castle dominates the city top, while equally famous is the small church on the islet of Panagia. The architecture and quaint cobblestone will take you to another nostalgic era, promising unforgettable experiences.

Worth seeing in Parga

The castle of Parga

From above, supervises and decorates Parga. Walking among the vaulted corridors, the ramparts and in the halls of firearms, You will hear its turbulent history: built in the 14The century by the Normans, later destroyed by the Ottomans, the 1572 rebuilt by the Venetians and "restored" the 1814, when he passed into the hands of Ali Pasha. It is open all day and is one of the main attractions of the area - do not miss to visit.

Parga: island style, secular atmosphere

The island architecture, the position of the sea front and the narrow streets will remind you of island. The beautiful state, amphitheater that lies on the hillside in front of and below the castle, They are very popular all summer flooded world. Holidays in luxury resorts, and simple rooms, restaurants and taverns, cafes and bars for evening entertainment await you in Parga. All are within walking distance and make the Parga area ideal for every visitor.

River Trekking the valley of the Acheron

The mythology says here, the plain of Acheron River, inhabited by the souls of the dead. The bearer Hermes and Death led the souls to Hades, through the river and lake Acherousian. Today, Here dwells only the spirit of wilderness, causing you to an experience that does not fit into words: walking beside Acheron. Start from the village Glyki, about 40 km. from Igoumenitsa. unique landscape, unrepeatable experience, vacation that will offer you a unique experience.

The oracle of Ephyra

Visit the most famous in the ancient Greek world Nekromanteio, the archaeological site near the village Mesopotamos. It is one of the most famous attractions and you

The Vrachonas, the abandoned village

Mountain located east of Sivota lies a plateau hosting the abandoned settlement Vrachonas, consisting of approximately 50 crumbling, stone houses. Remains of prehistoric acropolis bear witness to the past of the region.

Useful phone numbers
Municipality Pargas: 26840 31207
Parga police department: 2684 031222
Tourist Police: 2684 031222
Port Parga: 2684 031227
Parga's Health Center: 2684 031233
KTEL Prevezas, agency Parga: 2684 031218